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Here are some of my favourite novels written by authors of colour that taught me something about relationships. Research shows that reading is a great way to develop your understanding of people who are both the same as and different from you. …

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When did you last feel completely at peace with who you are, accepting of every part of yourself without judgment?

Bring to mind a time when you felt you were truly yourself and fully alive. How did it feel, physically mentally, emotionally? What was it you liked about yourself?


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“Men ask if I would role-play black slave and white master. Others tell me they’ve never had sex with a black woman before, and when I question them on what they think is so different from sleeping with a white woman they don’t know how to answer. It’s like you’re…

Let’s improve the norms of online dating together

“Online dating has ruined men,” sighed one of my clients. “The swiping culture has made us all treat each other like commodities and we don’t know how a normal relationship is supposed to develop any more.”

I’d been helping her to avoid guys that started off super-keen and got scared…

At last …. moral philosophy meets the psychology of dating …. Two of my favourite areas of research!

A recently published study by Brown and Sacco (2017) in The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships[1] showed that how suitable you are seen for a long-term relationship, how desirable you are…

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Imagine there is a Dating Goddess. (I actually think there might be.) She tells you she’s found you the perfect partner. …

Rachel New

London Dating Coach

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